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Four Decisions You’ll Make After You Decide To Remodel

So you’ve decided that you want to redo the cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom. That’s an exciting feeling! But as you probably have figured out, once you decided to redo your cabinets, you’re suddenly faced with a ton of other decisions! It can be overwhelming. Here are four aspects of the kitchen and bath remodeling experience you can expect to encounter when you decide to make your big change!

Accessories: Even if you decide to keep the basic layout and counter-tops from your original kitchen or bathroom, your designer will still make a point to discuss options for additional accessories for your space. Accessories are elements of your kitchen that make the space more functional to use—things like Lazy Susans, pull-out trash bins, wine racks, and even plate displays. These things can be installed without too much hassle, and they will make using your kitchen or bathroom more enjoyable.

Decorations: Beginning in the 1950’s, designers and architects began to look at kitchens and bathrooms in a different way. With the explosion of suburban sprawl came the notion that every room in the house was meant to be enjoyed—we didn’t need to simply design around utility. We agree! No matter how big or small the changes you are planning to make in your kitchen or bath seem to be, try to take a moment to think about ways to add decorative elements to your space. If this makes you feel lost, think about it this way: If you can identify the focal point of a room, you know what spot to enhance!

Lighting: Everyone remembers what it felt like to stand in a high school cafeteria. Cold, sterile…yellow. Much of that “meh” feeling you got what you waited in line for your portion of Salisbury steak came from the lighting. Lighting affects the mood of your kitchen or bath almost as much as your cabinets do. There are a great number of options in this area, obviously, but try to think about how you want your kitchen to feel, and your designer will be able to point you in a god direction.

Knobs and Pulls: Speaking of options, deciding what knobs and pulls to go with for your remodel project can be a surprisingly overwhelming experience! From wood, to plastic, to metal, this is the kind of detail that can really snag your process simply because there is an essentially endless about of directions to go in. One sure-fire way to cut down on your stress is to select your cabinets first, and then ask your designer what kind of style knob or pull they recommend.

Gary Hoffmann’s Reborn Project

When Gary Hoffmann and his wife asked us to reface their existing kitchen, we were very excited! We’re big fans of his show on KFI (as many of you are too!), and the Reborn Cabinets team has personally known Gary for a long time. In fact, you may have seen him speak at our Learn From The Pros Workshop! Collaborating on a project with him was going to be fun! Even though Gary already knew about our Signature Refacing process, after completing projects in over 30,000 homes, we know that seeing the transformation in your own home is another experience entirely! This was an awesome opportunity to do some great work, and share our passion for the “Ultimate Remodeling Experience” with a good friend. Reborn Cabinets is very proud of this project, and we invite you to take a look at the stunning results! Gary, thanks for letting Reborn take your kitchen from ordinary to extraordinary! You’re the best!

Los Angeles Hills Modern Kitchen Remodel

Soft colors and clean lines add warmth to a modern remodeling. Nestled in the hills of Los Angeles, this home is surrounded by beautiful views. With two homeowners that love to cook, this kitchen needed to be functional and fresh. While the structure is modern, the maple color on these flat panel cabinets adds a soft feel. Our designer took great care to ensure that this kitchen reflected the laid-back California layout of this beautiful home, while keeping in mind that this couple loved to entertain!

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